Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we have to postpone our Anniversary concert scheduled for the 21/3/2020 to the 19/03/2022. For all ticket-holders, please be informed that your tickets will be valid for the new date too and we are setting up a prodedure to be re-credited in case you can't make it to the re-scheduled party.


Spectrum is hiring

With Peter having to give up his position as lead-alto for professional reasons, you now have the chance to join our ever evolving crew amidst our sax-section. You have some skills on your instrument, are a good sight-reader and love the different styles we try to replicate, please feel free to get in touch with us. Skills in improvisation and doubling on flute will be a bonus.

  • Big Band Spectrum 2020
  • Big Band Spectrum 2020

The origins of Big Band Spectrum take us back many years. Back in 1976, a few young musicians from the fanfare of Huncherange-Noertzange bring to life a Big Band under the name of Dixie-Sound. With their first bandleader Marco Puetz, the musicians experience their first undisputed musical highlights within the band.

Not later than 1978, under their new leader Nico Eich, they receive an award at a contest in Ettelbruck.

In 1980, they participate in a broadcast show called Hei Elei Kuck Elei for RTL. Around this time it becomes clear that their musical ambitions go further than only Dixie music.

To reflect the full spectrum of the wide range of music played by the band, the name is changed to Big Band Spectrum.

In 1983, Jean-Marie Thoss takes over the musical responsibility and through many concerts beyond the borders of Luxembourg, the band becomes a worthy ambassador for our country.

1990 brings a young, but already well-known member of Luxembourg's jazz scene to the bandstand of Big Band Spectrum, Ernie Hammes. His own skillful playing brings the band to new heights and opens the path for a few musicians to the art of improvisation. The band opens its horizon to new forms of more progressive big band music and in that way the formation evolves to one of the best in its genre.

1995 sees Ernie Hammers leave for New York to continue his musical journey and brings a colleague of his from the military band, Marc Desorbay, to the front. It is time for major changes, and so part of the founding members are replaced by motivated new elements, which brings a new groove into the band.

With great skill and discipline, Marc combines the experience of his old stagers and the dynamic of the new players. Apart from a one-year intermezzo, during which Serge Bausch took over the lead, Marc was our Maestro till 2007. In 2005, we proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary. And how better to celebrate such an important event than by going all together on a musical field trip?! And so it happened that in August 2005 we were on tour in the USA, in and around Chicago, having a great time and playing some good music. Have a look at the pictures and impressions we brought back from our USA tour. click here ....

At the end of 2007, we release our first "studio" CD with popular swinging Christmas songs (A not so silent night).

From mid-2007,  Dorel Doreanu, an exceptionally gifted jazz pianist, replaces Marc as our new musical director and takes the band on yet another musical rollercoaster ride. Again, this is a time of many changes within the band itself.

New impetus and energy is brought to our band in the person of Christian Klinkenberg, who takes over the musical direction of Big Band Spectrum in December 2010 up to 2014.

Next on the Band-Stand is Markus Willems, professional trombone-player with quit a nice big-band experience portfolio.

In the last few years, we focused our repoertoire towards a more modern big-band approach without completely neglecting the past masters.
It is our goal to entertain you with songs you wanna hear in a way you couldn't imagine them before.